25 ways to practice self-care

10. júna 2017
self care self love
Self-care is part of self-love. It’s about accepting who you are, about loving yourself because of who you are. It’s about focusing on what makes me beautiful, unique and great… don’t look for your weaknesses, because nobody’s perfect. You have to know you strong and weak sites. Self-care is about making a moment just for you even if you are busy and stressed out.
Recently I realized that we all live in some kind of circle barely finding time for us. So lets make our lives happier. Lets take care of ourselves…
How to do it? Simply:
– make a tea,
– take a long hot bath,
– write 10 things you are grateful for,
– or write 10 things you love on yourself,
– give yourself bunch of flowers,
– wake up earlier and feel beautiful quite morning,
– read a great book,
– do affirmation and visualization,
– practice a yoga or just meditate,
– meet your friends,
– take a walk,
– look into the mirror and say yourself that you are beautiful,
– listen to the music and dance…just like that,
– light your favorite candle,
– shut down your phone and pc and enjoy the moment,
– listen to your favorite song,
– breathe deeply and throw away your problems with exhale,
– write down your feeling into your journal,
– watch a TedX talks,
– read motivational quotes,
– create a board full of your visions and goals,
– plan your dreams and imagine how it will be when they come true,
– plan day off without any obligations and fill it with activities you love
– cook something good,
– take a nap,
– say to you how do you love yourself




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6 komentárov

  • Reply Tereza 8. júla 2017 at 13:15

    Oh my I love your blog, it’s proper unique amongst all the other Czech blogs I’ve seen. Your bio makes me chuckle, that’s one serious niche you have going on here. I do literally ALL of these. I love burning candles (DW from TKMaxx are my favourite, they have scents like tobacco and gin, ha!) and I have a spotify playlist of about 600 of my favourite songs!


  • Reply Eleanor 8. augusta 2017 at 18:16

    These are some great ideas. Self care is definitely so important and we all need to practice it a little more. I will be trying some of these things.

  • Reply thakickfiend 8. augusta 2017 at 18:34

    my momma always says that self love is the only kind of love that teach you any other form of love,you can only take care of other if you take care of yourself first.,great post.

  • Reply Gigi Kiersten 8. augusta 2017 at 23:19

    Angelina Jolie once said that „Women tend to put everyone above themselves to the determent to their health.“ And I agree, I tend to put everyone above myself and that bites me in the butt. THank you for putting such an awesome list together.

  • Reply Sherr 8. augusta 2017 at 23:22

    This is so important! I love it

  • Reply blogging 9. augusta 2017 at 6:30

    I like this ideas, and also i love self lovers.

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