4 simple things I do every day for myself

10. júna 2017
If I compare my one year ago self and my today self, I see two different persons. A deep-dyed dreamer and a girl, who works on her dreams. Every day…even if she doesn’t want it, even if it is hard sometimes, even if it is stressful and no one supports her. But despite that she still keeps her goals in her head and she’s still working on them.
How that dreamer became this girl? I have chosen to disclose it to you today. 4 simple steps that became routine and that helped me…
My day starts with gratitude – every morning I write in my Five minute journal things that make my life unique, things that I’m grateful for… simple things like a waking up in warm bed with love, delicious breakfast… there are always reasons but not always we can see them.
Affirmation and visualizations
Before I start my work I think positive. Affirmations and visualizations are great way to start my morning. Affirmations are great example of how our mind works and how you can reach your goals because if you still think about your dream, imagine it and feel it, it becomes real.
Big part of my routine is planning. It is necessary to know your goals. Every morning I write down what I have to do, set up priorities, I do weekly food plan and shopping plan that saves me money and time. 
Reading & writing
I always find time to read and write. When I decided year ago that I will write a book, I set up a goal that I have to write at least 250 words every day. Not everything was good and useful, but it helped me to build a habit to find time, focus on writing, forming story, characters… And it wouldn’t be so easy without reading. Reading is never-ending inspiration, but also different world and relax…

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