10 weird questions people ask me about being lesbian

10 weird questions people ask me about being lesbian
I’m a lesbian who meets with different kind of reactions on my sexual orientation. From curious looks on a street when I kiss my love or just hold her hand, to different kind of emotional gestures that sometimes delight but sometimes also hurt. It was weird in the beginning. Sometimes I wanted to cry when people hated me just because my sexual orientation, but not now. For majority of different questions and notes I created general answers that I use. Lets check the most often questions and notes from people when they found that I’m lesbian:

And are you sure? Maybe it’s just a phase.
No it isn’t phase. I was born like this.

Really? You? You don’t look like lesbian.
I heard this reaction like million times after my coming out. Problem is that people see lesbian as a masculine type of person. But every lesbian is different. We can have long hair, put make up on, wear dresses, be beautiful.

Who is man in your relationship?
No one. We are both women. We love each other and that’s why we are together. When it comes to man’s work, we do it together. But I have to admit, that my love is little bit handier than me.

Can I watch on you?
“Funny” comment which usually comes out of a men. It drives me crazy, because that men don’t have respect for women. And I don’t know how to react on that.

How do you have sex?
No comment…

How do you know that you are a lesbian if you never had sex with a man?
And how do you know that you are straight if you…?

Maybe you just didn’t met the right man yet.
Another quite often note from my friends after my coming out. And also wish of my mum. But they finally realized that I will never met him, because my the one, my prince is actually princess.

Do you have any problems with men?
No. I felt in love for a woman but it doesn’t mean that I hate men. I have a best friend who is man for example.

Don’t you mind that you will go to the hell?
I don’t believe in black-white “life” after life. But if hell exists there should be people like murders or people who produce tons of garbage and they don’t care…

You are a lesbian? Oh…I’m okay with that.
Oh and you are straight? I’m okay with that too…

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