50 little things that make me happy

50 little things that make me happy

cup of jasmine tea in the morning
Saturday morning in bed
rainy days
smell of rose water
taste of Fentimans rose
moment with a book
music from Phill Glass
Anna Netrebko’s voice
Lavender tea before sleeping
kissing my girl

sound of sea
walking near river
barking dogs
petting a cats

crazy memories
long talks with my lovely girl
laughing and joking with my bestie
her crazy ideas
new places
small cafes in side streets
quite in libraries
smell of books
soy cocoa
hot floral bath

sweet rose wine
dark chocolatte with strawberries
singing with my love
nordic crimi
poetry of Sylvia Plath
film evenings
takeing photos

first spring days
that feeling when I’m wearing ballerinas shoes
stripps… nights and mornings in my stripped pyjama
twinkle in eyes of my beloved
coloring with only one crayon
taste of raspebrries
her tender touch
cherry blossoms

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