Why you should know what is cost-per-wear?

Why you should know what is cost-per-wear?

I think that each of you, my readers, has in your closet something that you have dressed maybe once… or maybe even less. Do you know that CPW of this item is huge? Do you know what is CPW? No? Then you have to read more.

What is CPW?
CPW – cost per wear is real price of every piece of your clothes, accessories or bags. Real price depends on total price of item and number of days you will wear it.

cost per wear
So if I buy basic turtleneck for 50 euros and I will wear it for 3 year, approximately I will dress it up like 50 times, its CPW is then 1 euro

But if I buy for example velvet body which is cheaper and cost just 25 euros but I will use it maybe 5 times, because next season it will be out, its CPW is 5 euros and it is actually more expensive than turtleneck.

Interesting, right?
The most often shopping mistakes that raise your CPW are wrong size, bad material, unsuitable neckline, color or even whole purchase, that seems to be smashing but in reality it sucks. How many time we thing that it is so cheap that I have to buy it but after that we don’t even like it? In that case it’s not good for us, our budget, or nature, because we produce more trash.

For these reasons I learned to check quality and suitability of every thing I want to buy. I don’t buy things impulsively just because it is cheap or in. I buy items that suit me, colors that I like and I don’t buy colorful things just because people around me told me that my black-white-grey combination is boring. And since I have my year without shopping challenge, my CPW is still lower and lower.

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