My benefits of minimalism

10. júna 2017
When I say minimalism, people almost always see something, that is in these days. Black and white outfits, nice pictures, clean desk with just few pens and pc. But minimalism is something’s about having and needing less and it has a lot of advantages:
Clear mind
When minimalism entered my life, it touched everything. Not just my closet, but also my mind. It took few months until I cleared my mind. I set up my priorities and started to work on my goals. But the biggest influence was that I started to think differently.


When I put away everything that disturbed me from my desk, I created something more important... space. At that moment I felt freedom. Writing, working, creating is much better, if you have space. I love that kind of cold nordic aesthetics and I love space… endless space.


As a minimalist I feel free. I feel that strange feeling that I don’t have to… and it’s okay. I don’t have to have different colors of nail polish, I don’t have to have 20 different tops or shirts, I don’t have to have million useless things. Minimalism helped me understand that things don’t make us happier. They don’t get us freedom. We need to feel it.

Less stress
Less decisions, less disturbing things, less stress. Or if you want to put it into equation: minimalism + keeping things easier + less complication = less stress.
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4 komentáre

  • Reply Why you should know what is cost-per-wear? - Flung out of space 26. júla 2017 at 10:12

    […] Benefits of minimalism […]

  • Reply Mara Zota 7. augusta 2017 at 15:18

    I love minimalist fashion but I as a person am very eccentric. Basically I want to say that maybe minimalism doesn’t suit with everyone. But I encourage your decision to be, what you feel like being❤️

  • Reply Shelby @Fitasamamabear 7. augusta 2017 at 18:20

    I think minimalism means something different to everyone! Fashion/stress/living can all be minimalistic. For me, it’s not just about the physical stuff but focusing on what’s important and letting go of other stressors

  • Reply Brenda Knauber 7. augusta 2017 at 19:22

    I am also an aspiring minimalist. I definitely agree the freedom involved, as you have mentioned it!

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