4 good reasons why I use green beauty

10. júna 2017
I wrote many articles about green beauty, but this one will be different. I trust green beauty more than two years so I can compare before and after condition….Why green beauty? Because…
It doesn’t hide problems…it solves problems…
When I started to use bio skin products it meant to me solving my big problem – oily T-zone. I tried all products from Avon to Mac, from cheapest to most expensive but nothing helped.
But with green beauty I don’t have oily T-zone, visible pores or other problems. How it is possible? Every morning I use rose water mixed with skin oil. Then aloe vera and Zao powder.
Non toxic
Green beauty is the one. It is without harmful chemicals. No parabens, silicons, sls or any other dangerous things, allergens, etc…People think that cosmetics can’t be without those things…but you know what? It can.
Green beauty and cruelty-free should go hand in hand. Not all companies have certificates like HCS like 100% pure or Zao, but you can write them email or do more googling and you will see which brand is trustful.
PS: I trust small local companies in Slovakia.
PS2: I don’t trust companies that said that they didn’t test on animals but they sell their products in China where every product that is sold on their market has to be tested on animals (for example Yves Rocher).
Eco friendly
It doesn’t help just us it also protect environment. It often doesn’t have plastic packing, peelings are not with plastic balls but with coffee or salt… I love Zao packing because it is made from bamboo and you can also refill what you want.
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