6 zero waste bathroom essentials

10. júna 2017
Hi guys! I would love to introduce my favorite zero waste things from bathroom. Most of them I have in bathroom long time, some of them I have just few months and I can’t imagine my life without them.
Coconut oil helps me take care of my skin, teeth and also when I want to remove make up. With combination of tee tree oil is brilliant as toothpaste. You can check my recipe here.
And to be even more zero waste, I have bamboo toothbrush.
Few month ago I stopped using tampons for removing make up from my face. I tried to find out replacement and I found face sponge. It’s great and can be used for three months.
Maroccan clay is my replacement for shampoo. Application is simple, my hairs are beautiful and it is completely zero waste.
Skin oils and especially this one from slovak greenbeauty brand – Modra pupava never let me down. It’s beautiful smell and skin care is priceless.

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