8 things that I don´t need and you too maybe…

10. júna 2017
Hi guys. Today I decided to share with you which 8 thing I don’t need in my life anymore…and maybe you too…
There are too many of them…I’ve got a feeling that in Slovakia everybody has o lot of everything…things…decorations. No wall without pictures, everywhere is something…small vase, or candlestick, pictures and many other different kind of decorations.
You don’t need this! Life is still beautiful without these things and remember one really nice decoration is better than thousand others.
Things that we don’t like
All those unwanted and unexpected gifts and clothing that we bought for some reason, but actually we don’t like them.
Under this category I mean all similar things…nail polishes with similar colors, similar shoes, bags, clothing…one is enough.
Tons of cosmetics
I know for sure that women are collecting different kind of cosmetics. 10 kinds of skin creams, body milks, nail polishes…again…one is enough!
Clothing that…
that are too big for you, or too small, or too out of date.
Sweet little things that are useless…
like cheese grater which is so small or mini teapot. All these things are nice and cute, but useless. They just take up space…
Things you see in ads…
or things that you saw in friends apartment and you want them just because someone has them. Did you buy something that everybody has but you never use it? That’s the case…don’t buy thing just because everybody has them!
Expensive non-ecologic detergents
Yesterday I cleaned up bathroom just with my DIY cleaner from soda and vinegar and I made something like Airwick just from water and lavender oil. Almost everything can be cleaned with homemade things that are also ecologic. We are using DIY fabric softener, instead of washing powder we are using soap nuts. You can live without chemicals…don’t forget about it.
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  • Reply Linda 12. júna 2017 at 14:01

    A year ago, I gave away 1/2 of my things and moved cross country. As I unpacked, each thing had it’s place and when I looked in drawers or cupboards I could see clearly what was there instead of it just being a jumble.

    Since then i have gained a few extra things, like yard tools, or flea market tables that I ended up not liking, but overall my house feels clean, organized, and spacious. letting go of the things that no longer served me brought a completely new sense of peace.

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