The art of letting go: 10 things I should get rid of

1. januára 2017

Twothousandandseventeen is here also with new beginnings. New Year’s resolutions don’t work, so I don’t have any, but this yearI want to start with vision of throwing away everything that I don’t need in my life:

Negative thinking
I decided to substitute negative thoughts for positivism, gratitude and love. My girlfriend gave me on Christmas Five minute journal where I write my thoughts, what I’m thankful for and something about my day. It’s awesome to realize that although today wasn’t the best day I’m happy because I had good sleep, or I didn’t have to wake up early in the morning, or I had great breakfast or my day started with kiss from my love.


Beckett’s Waiting for Godot is in the air… We still wait for something or until something happened. Until we will have enough money, until the situation gets better, until there will be an opportunity…But we should understand that nothing gets better without us. We should do something. That’s why I’m not waiting, I’m doing something.


We are worried every day, but fear is the worst. I lived in fear and I can tell you that it sucks.

Unhealthy food

I love sweets and I that this is kind of addiction for me. But I also know that instead of sweets I can eat fruit or homemade vegan sweets. I will share with you also some recipes.

It’s almost impossible to avoid stress, but I don’t want to create stressful situations in my head anymore and be stressed just because someone said that there will be WWIII or apocalypse and I’m not prepared for it. I’m trying to learn how to avoid stress by organizing and planning. It’s harder to avoid stress from outside, but I can definitely minimize it. How? My reaction. I know that sometimes I overreact, but when I look at things rationally there is no reason to be stressed.
On the next half of list are material things:
Things that don’t work
All those things that are broken and I thought that one day they will be fixed. They won’t. I have to throw it away.

Things that don’t suit me anymore
Clothes, accessories, shoes that don’t look perfect on me have to go away. I don’t wear them and my closet is overcrowded. I should have just clothes that I actually wear. I hope that during my year without shopping I will build my perfect closet and everything useless will be gone.
Cosmetics after warranty
Even cosmetics have warranty. I need to check all my stuff and throw away everything that is after warranty, also all makeups that don’t fit to my skin and lipsticks from previous century.

Things that I won’t use anymore
Toys, books and all different trifles that I don’t want to throw away but I won’t use then too I have to donate.

Gifts that I don’t like
When I was child my mom taught me that we should keep all gifts that we got no matter what. But what if I don’t like them or don’t use them? So I decided to find for those gifts new home.

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