Minimalism: How it started

22. októbra 2016
Nowadays I noticed that people still want more and more, they just go shopping and they still don’t have enough…enough food, enough clothes, etc. Do you belong to them?
How many times did you go shopping just because you didn’t have good day. I assume that many times…just like me.
But almost everytime you bought something useless and it didn’t fix your mood or save your day. After years I had like tons of clothes, in the morning I couldn’t decide what to dress, I was walking through my clothes tubeless, nothing suits me and it made me nervous. Like I said, I had tons of clothes but something was still missing.
Then my girlfriend opened my eyes. She’s not minimalist (nowadays we are fighting about throwing out her old favorite socks) but she never liked big shopping. Then I realized that things and clothes don’t mean happiness and that they don’t give me nothing they just complicate my life. But it should be vice versa, right?
Now, after two years (this summer), in attack of minimalism I sorted out my clothes and today again, but more sophistically, according to KonMarie.
Realization, that I own things that doesn’t mean anything for me, they don’t make me happy and after all I don’t even want them, was fundamental.
Last months are like my first steps to minimalistic way of life. I stopped shopping, started to sell things, I have cosmetics that I really need and want and at this moment we, my girlfriend and I, are saving money for our road trip to Europe next summer.
How do you feel about minimalism?
Do you love all your things and could you imagine your life without shopping?

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