Minimalism: Year without shopping

1. januára 2017
Lying in my bed in my small child room surrounded by memories and things that made me happy and surfing on the internet when I found an article about woman who decided to survive one year without shopping…Whole year! Insane but interesting in the same time. In that moment my head is full of thoughts and ideas and as a result is my minimalistic challenge for 2017. I want to try something similar. It’s a good opportunity to put minimalism into practice.
I decided to survive one year without shopping clothes, shoes or accessories and to wear things that I already have and like.
There is also included my big passion – books. And I have reason for this. We live in rented flat and it’s full of our stuff. We don’t want overcrowded place. I won’t stop reading books but instead of buying them I will borrow them from library.
Simplicity on first place
Time without shopping is not just aboutneed of using all things that I already have but also about simplicity. We have to make decisions almost every day and it’s sometimes difficult and annoying too. We need to decide what to dress, what to eat, what to cook… so why to complicate our life?
It will be interesting and I’m looking forward to it. My closet consists of some pieces of neutral color and basic stuff, but still it will be great challenge. If everything goes well I will have graduation ceremony, but thanks god I already have dress for this occasion.
I will write on my blog how things are going. If it is easy or hard, what bothers me, what outfit I can create from my clothes, etc. You can check also my Instagram profile with some photo of me and my year without shopping outfits.
Do you thing that I’m crazy or do you like my challenge and you want more posts about it?
minimalist challenge

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