Minimalism: What I have learned during 111 days without shopping

10. júna 2017

You’re crazy…You’re not gonna make it…reactions to my decision that I will be one year without shopping. Now, 111 days are gone and it looks to me like it was yesterday when I wrote post about minimalist challenge, about year without shopping, about what I will wear. I wanted to prove not just to you but also to me that I can do this.

Of course I can do this. Few days ago I even throw away few things from my closet. Now I have approximately 30 pieces of clothes that I actually wear.

What 111 days without shopping gave me?

time, that I really need these days. Less things, less decisions, no shopping = more time.

money – no comment.

fully usage of my closet – I’m not a woman that stands up 30 minutes before closet every morning because she doesn’t know what to wear anymore.

creativity improvement…that feeling when I create something from nothing is wonderful

– it helps me set up my priorities. It wasn’t easy when I fall in love with blue dress and after hours and days of thinking how can I buy them without breaking this challenge I decided not to buy them. Since then I didn’t have temptation to buy something so before you buy anything just ask yourself if you really need this and if you will really wear this.



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